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Air Cleaning and Purification Systems

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HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration systems

The consistent message from within the HVAC industry in response to the Covid-19 situation is that fresh air supply combined with air movement, can contribute towards a safer working environment.

However, increased ventilation and fresh air alone may not suffice when your indoor environment contains internal rooms, equipment and people, which have no form of natural ventilation.

If this is the case, you require a solution that provides something that can help clean the internal air.

Which is why Spheretech would like to remind you that our range includes air purification & HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration systems. Air purification is designed to help reduce and control common airborne dust, pollutants, virus and bacteria particles from spreading in the workspace.

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Air purifiers work alongside existing air conditioning and ventilation systems within the workspace, as well as on their own, cleaning the air by filtering dust particles and pollutants within the airflow. Allied to other measures such as social distancing and hand-washing, purifiers can help promote a healthier working environment and reassure your colleagues and customers alike

The effectiveness of a HEPA air filter will depend upon its efficiency. Typically, infectious airborne virus droplets are greater than 1 Micrometer, which is large enough to be captured by an air filter, even on the minimum HEPA air filter efficiency level.

This technology is widely used, particularly in the medical and manufacturing sectors where the supply of clean air is mission critical. Spheretech offer a range of air purification systems spanning commercial and domestic applications, including office environments and with portable and concealed solutions available dependent upon room size, occupancy and budget.

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Spheretech have recently installed the first Panasonic nanoe™ X air conditioning and purification cassette system in the UK.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Air purification is ideal for improving the environment in your room by cleaning the air. By filtering the air to remove common airborne dust and pollutants, the working environment is cleaner and preventative.

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No. Air purification is a preventative measure, according to the varying degrees of filter efficiency.

The process can help reduce the spread of common airborne viruses and bacteria. However, there is no evidence that even the most efficient filters can eliminate the Covid-19 virus.

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Yes they are complimentary.

Air conditioning & ventilation systems will deliver fresh air, air movement and/or cooling, whereas air purifiers focus on filtering and cleaning the air in your workspace.

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Spheretech works with leading manufacturers to ensure we can provide the widest range of air purification & HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration systems to our customers, regardless of size or application required.

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Typically, HEPA Filters require replacement on average every 18 months to 2 years. In systems there they are applicable, manufacturers recommend replacing Pre Filters every 6 months.

If you have an existing service & maintenance contract for your air conditioning & ventilation with Spheretech, we will incorporate appropriate system checks into your service schedule to minimise frequency of visits.


Depending upon the application, the building and the model, you can choose to have your air purifier in a concealed location. However, many models are simply ‘plug and play’ enabling you to move the equipment from room to room.

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