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Ventilation, Fresh Air & Extraction

Improvements to building standards and an increasing focus on energy efficiency means that buildings are becoming increasingly air tight.

However, there has to be a certain amount of ventilation to introduce fresh air and remove unwanted heat, steam or fumes, not only to conform to building regulations of new and modernised buildings but, also to meet health, safety and welfare in the workplace for all types of buildings.

Spheretech Ltd provides a range of systems, all designed to provide some form of fresh air and heat extraction.

We understand that each business sector has different ventilation challenges, which is why each project requires a bespoke solution, designed to improve air quality, introduce fresh air and remove any unwanted heat.

  • Offices benefit from a good fresh air supply. Solutions range from simple inline fans to more complex heat recovery systems.
  • Hospitals and medical centres have specific ventilation requirements including infection control whilst maintaining high air quality levels.
  • During manufacturing, excessive heat often requires extraction to help improve working conditions.
  • Keeping people alert and interested is perhaps no more desirable than in the classroom, where ventilation levels follow the temperature and CO2 concentrations ensuring the fresh air demands are always met.
  • Even public houses, clubs, restaurants and shops still require ventilation to control odours.

Keep Productivity High

The Health and Safety Executive have acknowledged that insufficient ventilation is one of the main causes of loss of productivity.

Therefore workplaces should be adequately ventilated, with fresh air drawn from an outside source.

Building insulation and sealed windows prevent natural ventilation and simply opening the window is not always an option during Winter months.

Which is why Spheretech design and install commercial heat recovery ventilation, extraction and air cooling systems for a variety applications, including offices, schools and manufacturing.

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