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R22 Replacement

Does your business use R22 refrigerant gases?

From 1st Jan 2015, EC Regulations made it unlawful for anyone to service or maintain their air conditioning system using an R22 refrigerant gas.

If your air conditioning equipment is more than ten years old, there is a good chance that it still uses an R22 refrigerant gas.

R22 refrigerant was used in the majority of air conditioning systems until about 10 years ago.  It was a very effective and efficient refrigerant at the time and therefore cheap to produce hence it is so widespread.

It has also been shown to have ozone-depleting potential, so the use of virgin R22 gas was banned in 2010, with recycled and reclaimed R22 finally phased out entirely at the end of 2014.

This means that use of virgin, recycled and reclaimed R22 refrigerant gases is no longer permissible.

Get Your Free Spheretech Audit.

Spheretech Ltd offers a free, no obligation audit to help customers when they are faced with replacing old air conditioning equipment using R22, with modern replacements.

Spheretech can make it easy for you to calculate the energy and cost benefits for your R22 replacement programme so you can assess when is the right time to make the change.

Delay or Start Saving?

Before reaching the deadline, some of Clients made the decision to wait until their existing air conditioning systems become no longer serviceable/operational before investing in new equipment.

However for some Clients, tackling the challenge of R22 replacement sooner rather than later was never an option…

By investing in modern energy efficient air conditioning equipment, one of our retail clients are reaping the rewards of our R22 replacement programme for them.

Our Client has already experienced running cost savings of over £150,000 in the first year since replacement and we have halved their carbon emissions.

Why Change Now?

If you are not clear on the benefits to changing an old air conditioning system to a modern more efficient alternative.  Please consider the following

  • Lower running costs
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • More effective and efficient control
  • Full warranties are available
  • No issues with obsolete parts which are required for older R22 systems

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Our core business includes the design and provision of cost effective and energy efficient climate control systems.

To ensure the highest levels of support are maintained, Spheretech has a dedicated Service & Maintenance team providing control systems and where required, 24/7 rapid response support.

To understand the variables required to meet your businesses cooling requirements, we offer an initial free, no obligation survey and assessment.

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