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Spheretech FAQs

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Is it necessary to obtain planning/landlord permission before having an air conditioning system installed?

Before agreeing to an air conditioning system installation it is recommended to enquire from your local authority and/or landlord. This is the responsibility of the end user not the contractor.

How long does it take to install an air conditioning system?

It normally takes one full day to install a single split air conditioning unit, therefore, if you are having 2-3 air conditioning units installed, you need to work on a day per air conditioning unit

Do the air conditioning units come in different colours?

Yes leading manufacturers have designer ranges specifically aimed at the domestic market.

What’s your lead times for an airconditioning installation?

Usually 2-3 weeks although this can vary during the seasons.

Do you install air conditioning locally or nationally?

With a UK wide team of engineers, Spheretech install and maintain air conditioning systems for customers throughout England and Wales.

Do you always need an outdoor condensing unit on an air conditioning system?

In most instances yes but there are systems available that do not require external equipment.

What does a free survey entail?

To provide you with an accurate quotation, we often require a site visit to your premises in order to ascertain your specific useage requirements and to determine all internal and external installation practicalities. Taking around an hour, the survey is free, with no obligation and enables us to ask any questions in relation to your requirements.

Do you install outside normal office hours?

Yes, we are flexible to your requirements as certain business sectors prefer air conditioning installations outside of their normal office or opening hours to minimise any disruption during their working day.

Are you installing air conditioning units during the Covid-19 outbreak?

All Spheretech services are available during the Covid-19 outbreak. We have taken appropriate steps to ensure the working practices for our teams meet all current HVAC, building industry and Government advice on safe working practices, ensuring we continue to protect you, your working environment and our teams regardless of how long the current situation lasts.


How do I maintain the warranty?

The warranty is maintained by undertaking regular maintenance (manufacturer’s prerequisite).

Do maintenance contracts include parts?

Yes, if the equipment is under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Do you provide repairs for air conditioning systems even if we do not have a contract with you?

Yes, we are a national air conditioning contractor that offers highly competitive rates for air conditioning repairs, regardless of who installed your equipment and we offer a free system health check visit with each repair.

If I purchase a new air conditioning system, does it include servicing?

We provide one year’s free servicing with every new Spheretech air conditioning installation.

Are your engineers qualified?

All our engineers are qualified to the latest standards and regulations. Our work meets with energy efficiency standards and F-Gas regulations, required by business to meet Government and building regulations to be an approved air conditioning contractor.

Should we schedule a service of our air conditioning before every Summer?

If you only use your air conditioning in cooling mode, then it is prudent to arrange a service prior to the ‘cooling season’. This ensures that any post Winter servicing or repairs can be fulfilled prior to when you need your air conditioning the most. However, a planned preventative service contract helps ensure your system is functioning at its optimum levels all year round.


Are air conditioning systems expensive to run?

Air conditioning is generally very economical, although the running costs are dependent upon several factors, for example the running time of each unit, how many hours a day and so on. We are able to provide estimated running costs if required.

How much does new air conditioning cost?

Costs vary considerably depending upon the application, starting from around £1400 for a small single split wall mounted air conditioner system, going into the thousands for multi-rooms applications and depending what style of systems, e.g wall mounted air conditioner, 4 way blow ceiling cassettes, ducted and so on.

What are your payment terms?

Talk to us we can help with various packages.

Is finance available on new air conditioning systems?

Spheretech can offer quick, simple & competitive finance options to help business customers purchase their new air conditioning equipment from us, whether it is a commercial air conditioning unit, office air conditioning units or wall mounted air conditioning units.


Do air conditioning systems also provide heating?

Yes, all modern air conditioning systems heat as well as cool.

Will air conditioning control the humidity levels?

Air conditioning systems are designed to control and remove a certain amount of moisture in the air, however, in situations with very high humidity additional assistance is required, for example, by way of heat recovery ventilation.

How long do air conditioning systems last?

An air conditioning system can last between 15 – 20 years, dependent on usage and regular servicing.

Can I keep my windows open when using an air conditioning system?

For air conditioning to work at its optimum, windows should remain closed. However, a degree of fresh air is desirable in any confined space and this can usually be obtained via trickle vents in fixed windows. Leaving windows fully open will ultimately lead to your air conditioning system having to work harder to cool or warm the area, thus leading to increased energy consumption and costs.

Can I use my phone or tablet to operate my air conditioning units?

Yes, most modern-day systems have built in Wi-Fi facility.

Can I control my air conditioning when I am not in the office?

Spheretech install a wide range of control systems that incorporate scheduled settings, energy saving activation and setting restrictions on individual users – all of which can be controlled via a smartphone App or intuitive smart touch button interfaces.

How do I adjust the temperature on my air conditioning during hot weather?

We have published a handy download which illustrates our recommended settings and running patterns for air conditioning equipment during hot weather. To read click here

Do I need to adjust my air conditioning during very cold weather?

We have published a handy download which illustrates our recommended settings and running patterns for air conditioning equipment during very cold Winter weather conditions. To read click here

Do you have customers in the medical sector?

As a national air conditioning contractor Spheretech has hundreds of Clients in the medical sector, ranging from hospitals, surgeries, medical practices, pharmacies, dispensaries, veterinary practices and care homes. We provide air conditioning and ventilation solutions for consultation, treatment rooms, public spaces and sensitive medicine storage areas.

What is R22?

From 1st Jan 2015, EC Regulations made it unlawful for anyone to service or maintain their air conditioning systems using an R22 refrigerant gas (either virgin, recycled or reclaimed). If air conditioning equipment is more than 15 years old, there is a good chance that it still uses an R22 refrigerant gas and its replacement should be planned.

What does an inverter do?

To maintain energy efficiency, inverter driven equipment allows continual adjustment of the compressor during heating and cooling modes. This allows for the required temperature settings to be regulated efficiently. This is more energy efficient than a traditional on/off (direct online) system.

Can you install air conditioning into a server room?

Absolutely. We have a wide range of cooling solutions designed specifically with mission critical server rooms, IT suites and classrooms in mind.

Do you have case studies for the education sector?

Yes. We provide and maintain air conditioning systems to schools, universities and specialist colleges across the UK. Please contact us and we can provide you with our credentials.

What are air purifiers?

Working alongside air conditioning and ventilation systems, Air purification & HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration equipmentisdesigned specifically to help control and prevent the spread of airborne virus particles and bacteria

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