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Case study | Wallace Fields Junior School

Future Proofed Air Conditioning Control

Bluetooth air conditioningOutside of our own homes, the office is where many people spend most of their time.

This is why manufacturers are placing greater emphasis on innovative climate control solutions that combine cutting edge technology, design and practicality.

Bluetooth enabled control panel

Leading manufacturer Daikin’s recently launched a new Bluetooth enabled online control panel system, called Madoka, which definitely sets the bar high in terms of modern air conditioning control for the work space.

Featuring a host of energy saving functions, the award winning Madoka allows the user to pre-programme the air conditioning settings in their work space via Bluetooth from their smartphone or via the intuitive touch button interface.

However, it is the range of features that places the Madoka system ahead of the curve. Standard functions (on/off, fan speed, heating/cooling mode) are supported with more advanced functions including schedule setting, energy saving activation and setting restrictions on individual users.

All of which made Madoka the perfect solution to a brief received from one of Spheretech Air Conditioning’s Clients.


School IT Suite

Wallace Fields Junior School contacted Spheretech regarding their school IT suite.

Like many IT suites and server rooms, excessive heat is not only a comfort issue but, can also affect the operating speed of computing equipment.

The Client’s requirements where two-fold. To ensure there was adequate cooling in the IT suite and a control system designed to adjust the temperature during lesson time.

Wallace Fields Junior School Air conditioning

Spheretech proposed and installed a new energy efficient A+++ rated Daikin Sky Air system, providing the School with cooling during Summer, heating in Winter alongside ventilation and purification to provide air comfort during lesson time.

Combined with new equipment, Spheretech also installed a Madoka control panel system complete with an online controller – the Madoka Assistant smartphone app.

This enabled the School Business Manager to set a temperature schedule and operation mode via their smartphone before the start of each school week. Furthermore, they could also adjust the temperature to respond to either hot or cold weather conditions.

David Knibbs, Spheretech Ltd adds,

Applying app based technology to the teaching sector is not unusual but, it does help save time and money. Having the capability of switching on suitable cooling and heating before the start of the working week, can only help reduce energy consumption and therefore bills.  

Furthermore, you don’t have to wait for a new air conditioning system, as some of the new technology coming to market now can be retrofit to existing air conditioning systems.”

To understand the technical benefits of Daikin’s new Sky Air system, please watch the this video.

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