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Your Air Conditioning Settings During A Hot Summer

During our increasingly frequent Summer hot weather, our customers often request the recommended optimum temperature settings for their air conditioning equipment.

So, what is it like to work in an office environment in stifling conditions?

At Spheretech Air Conditioning, there isn’t a day that goes by during a hot Summer day without us receiving calls such as “it’s so hot in here.” swiftly followed by “can you install it tomorrow?”, or, “will we have to wait, because we left it too late?”

air-con-settings-for-hot-weatherIt goes without saying that adjusting your air conditioning settings to cool mode in hot weather makes your work space a more agreeable and productive environment for employees and customers alike.

This is why we make every effort to ensure all of our customers, from surgeries to schools, all enjoy the benefits of energy efficient air conditioning for cooling when they need it most.

However, our Technical Services team do still receive calls from customers who experience issues with their air conditioning because they have not set their systems to the appropriate settings for sustained hot weather.

It is therefore important to understand the optimum air conditioning settings during Summer.

The first point is to be aware that it is normal behaviour that hot conditions might cause air conditioning systems not to cool as it would do at slightly lower ambient temperatures.

Optimal summer air conditioning settings

So, here are the air conditioning settings and running pattern we recommend for your systems during sustained hot weather conditions during and outside of the working day.

Daytime Working Hours
Mode: Cool
Temperature: 20-23°C
Fan Speed: High

Night/Out Of Hours
Mode: Cool
Temperature: 18-20°C
Fan Speed: High

Running your air conditioning system below 20C during daytime temperatures can cause problems such as leaking water. However as night time ambient temperatures are lower than daytime, your system can run more effectively and efficiently below 20C when left running overnight.

We recommend that you do not turn your air conditioning system off overnight or over the weekend if you want to ensure you enjoy optimum conditions during the working day. This is a false economy as the fabric of the rooms will lose the cooling gained and have to start again the following morning / Monday morning.

So, by leaving the system on at these lower temperatures during out of hours, the rooms will maintain the temperature selected, thus giving the system less work to do and therefore less energy required.

When you enter the room in the morning the temperature can be raised again to the suitable daytime temperature (as shown above).

Things to note regarding thermostat settings

  • Please be aware that your air conditioning system should on average use no more energy when running over night than it would during following morning trying to bring the temperature in the room back to the desired temperature. This is because the outdoor compressor unit doesn’t have to work twice as hard during the morning.
  • Sometimes your internal air conditioning unit may at times seem to stop blowing cool / cold air and will blow out what seems to be warmer air – don’t panic this is normal!
  • The warmer air is room temperature air being recycled when the system achieves the desired temperature.
  • When the internal temperature begins to rise by 1-2 degrees, the system will start cooling to bring the room temperature back to the temperature you have set and this cycle will continue whilst the system is in operation.

We hope that this helps you enjoy the benefits of energy efficient cooling during the Summer! Should you have any air conditioning service & maintenance requirements, please contact Spheretech. We would be delighted to hear from you and provide a highly competitive quote. We have a range of packages, from single annual visits, to 4hr critical response. Call 01327 810 510 or email [email protected]

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