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Air Quality In Your Workspace


Providing adequate fresh air and maintaining a high standard of air quality in the workspace has been a legal requirement for employers, long before the Covid-19 pandemic.

With so many employees being asked to work from home where possible, the current outbreak has really emphasised the necessity to ensure the workspace is ready and safe once workers return to the office.

Many modern office buildings do not have windows that open and rely on their centrally controlled heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to delivery fresh air and keep office air circulating.

So, as employees return, business owners must be confident they are supplying their staff with clean, fresh air circulating through their indoor spaces.

How clean is the air in your office?

Those businesses and public authorities keen to see their employees back in the office, need to pay close attention to their HVAC system.

But it’s not only the risk that Covid-19 poses.  Offices without adequate fresh air supply and air movement are hot-spots for other airborne viruses and bacteria.

If you are concerned your workspace doesn’t have the right air conditioning and ventilation in place,or you would benefit from air filtration and purification equipment running alongside your air conditioning system, why not call in our team of qualified air conditioning engineers.

Your office air quality is going to be integral to the safe return of your office staff in 2021, so don’t leave anything to chance! We can assess your systems and apply the right solutions to make sure your offices are going to be comfortable and safe for your employees.

New air conditioning installation

If your air conditioning system is quite old and outdated, it may be more cost-effective to have a brand-new air conditioning installation using the latest cutting-edge technology and equipment.

Spheretech can determine the potential running costs savings to your business of replacing old inefficient equipment with modern, new systems.  In some customer examples we have reduced their running costs by up to 60%!

Mechanical ventilation solutions

Simply opening doors and windows as a natural form of ventilation to deliver fresh air and air movement can be impractical and, in some instances, not an option at all.

If this is you, then a mechanical ventilation solution to supply filtered fresh air into your building.  If required, heat recovery ventilation (HRV) systems can be installed to supply tempered fresh air, heated with the recovered warmth from the extracted air.

Here are the latest UK Health & Safety Executive recommendations regarding the importance of adequate ventilation in the workspace to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and airborne viruses.

Spheretech specialist knowledge

Whatever your air quality requirements, we can help.

Do not hesitate to contact Spheretechabout any air conditioning, ventilation and air purification requirements for your workspace (or home).

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