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Benefits of Air Conditioning Installation for your Business Premises


Extremes of temperature can negatively affect your business productivity, and with climatologists expecting the UK to suffer from increasingly hotter summers and colder winters over the coming years, it is no surprise to discover that too much heat and too much cold come with serious consequences for human health, as well as for the stability and longevity of your electronic business assets.

There is also growing evidence that a high-quality air conditioning installation can greatly reduce the risks of spreading coronavirus in the workplace, which is especially critical now that the economy is re-opening and people are returning https://spheretech.co.uk/air-conditioning/air conditioning installation to work.

This is why it can make a lot of economical and environmental sense to have a new commercial air conditioning installation for your workplace. It really is a worthwhile investment for the future of your business.

Preventing the spread of COVID-19

When we talk, sneeze or cough, the water droplets we expel can reach thousands. For example, a single cough releases about 3,000 droplets, while a single sneeze can release about 30,000. While air conditioning systems provide no cure, when used properly they can help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus in the workplace.

The UK Health and Safety Executive has advised that the risk of air conditioning spreading coronavirus in the workplace is extremely low “as long as there is an adequate supply of fresh air and ventilation”.  Their latest advice can be read at https://www.hse.gov.uk/coronavirus/equipment-and-machinery/air-conditioning-and-ventilation.htm

As air conditioning units circulate air more rapidly, which removes humidity. The system encourages water vapour droplets that can carry pathogens through the air, such as COVID-19, to evaporate causing them to dry up and disappear.

Even in the US, the CDC’s guidance on re-opening schools and businesses recommend to increase air filtration and increase the amount of outdoor air that flows through HVAC systems to stem the spread of the virus. Just by bringing more outside air into your working space, air conditioners are helping to combat the virus positively.

As long as people are practising proper social distancing measures and are following all other recommendations regarding hygiene, the risks of spreading the virus in the workplace can be greatly reduced, especially when there is a good air conditioning system in operation.

The benefits of having good air conditioning

Air conditioning can literally be a lifesaver! While in the UK things are not so bad as in much hotter countries, in the US alone more than 9,000 lives were lost from heat exposure between 1979 and 2013. However, with workplaces becoming increasing hot from not only external weather conditions but also from heat build-up from electronic devices, there are growing accounts of workers passing out at work with heatstroke in this country.

Keeping your workers cool with an effective air conditioning system is by far the best way to maintain healthy air temperatures and reduce the risk of heat-related illnesses in offices, workshops, factories and retail stores.

Staff absence due to hay fever

In a study conducted by Well Pharmacy for Allergy Awareness Week which takes place from 23 to 29 April, it was found that one in five hay fever sufferers take time off work because of their allergy, with a third of workers admitting lying to their boss about their reason for absence.

According to the study, 84 per cent said their pollen allergy impacts their quality of life resulting in one in five hay fever sufferers taking time off work due to their allergy.

Hay fever causes many severe symptoms, including itchy eyes, runny noses and sneezing fits, leaving almost four in 10 workers struggling to do their job. Nearly 20 per cent of the 1,660 hay fever sufferers polled for the report had ended up calling in sick for work.

Quite often hay fever sufferers are not honest with their employers about their symptoms because their boss would not see hay fever as an acceptable excuse for time off work. With hay fever affecting around 30 per cent of working adults in the UK, according to Allergy UK, absence can cause a serious dent in your productivity and efficiency levels.

Hay fever symptoms can include headaches, blocked sinuses, shortness of breath, watery red itchy eyes, sneezing and a stuffy head that causes difficulty with hearing. All these symptoms can have a real impact on the quality of life.

Creating better air quality

Common pollen allergies can negatively impact the working day, leaving workers feeling exhausted and without an ability to focus and concentrate properly. Work colleagues that don’t have pollen allergies can often become short-tempered with their co-workers because they don’t understand.

The study also revealed that hay fever symptoms seem to be lasting longer than ever, with many experiencing symptoms for six months or more each year.

Business owners can help their workers to suffer less and raise productivity levels with an air conditioning installation. Air conditioning systems work to circulate and filter air, removing pollutants such as pollen, dust and mould spores from the air.

Air-conditioned workplaces are much healthier environments for workers who suffer from allergies and asthma because it minimises the irritants circulating in the air that trigger an allergy attack.

However, the effectiveness of your air conditioning system can be affected by how well it is maintained. If you have your system cleaned and serviced with the filters regularly changed, you will be able to maintain a very healthy working environment for your staff.

Boost your workplace efficiency

We have all experienced that physical drag and mental sluggishness that comes with a very hot day. However, there is a scientific reason for this. Your body will expend a lot of energy trying to keep cool and maintain your brain and internal organs at an optimal temperature.

When a workplace is air-conditioned and kept at a stable and comfortable temperature, staff can work better, think more clearly and make better decisions.

As a result, productivity rises, accident rates are lowered, and issues with electronic equipment overheating are mitigated.

Protect your company assets

The heat and humidity created by hot weather can wreak havoc on workplace furniture and electronic assets. Wooden furniture can lose moisture that can cause warping, leather furniture can dry out and crack, and fabrics can trap moisture and mould spores.

Having an air conditioning installation can protect your furniture and prevent your electronic devices from overheating so all those phones, computers and machinery your business relies upon daily can be protected.

How a Spheretech air conditioning installation can help

Spheretech Air Conditioning has exceptional expertise in heating, cooling and maintenance for all working environments.

Whether your air conditioning installation was undertaken by us or another company, Spheretech offers a range of packages from a single visit, to critical response.

For business premises with an existing air conditioning system that is over ten years old, then you may have an issue with it using the now-banned R22 refrigerant gas.  If this is the case, Spheretech is here to help you with your changeover to a modern air conditioning system that uses more environmentally-friendly coolants.

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team for more information about having an air conditioning system installed.


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