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Smart Reasons to Upgrade your Commercial Air Conditioning


It is very easy for a business owner to forget about their Industrial Air Conditioning system as it’s something that hopefully just keeps on working silently in the background of your everyday working environment.

Your Air Conditioning kicks in when your environment gets too warm or cold and turns itself off when the right temperature is reached. It is something that you take for granted and may not think about replacing for many years.

While your Air Conditioning System keeps on working, why would you ever think about replacing it?
There are a lot of advantages to replacing an old or obsolete style of Industrial Air Conditioning System, so if you think your current system is getting old, or if you inherited it from a previous building occupant, switching to a modern Air Conditioning system could make a lot of sense.

Improved efficiency

Most Commercial Air Conditioning Systems have an average lifespan of around 20 years. However, this can vary greatly based on usage, local weather and environmental conditions and the design and layout of your commercial premises.

Unfortunately, many businesses will take over the occupancy of premises that may still have its original Air Conditioning System installed, which in a lot of cases could be much older than they realise.

In some cases the original Air Conditioning installed may not have been the most appropriate at that time, so apart from being old it could also be completely unsuitable to meet your business needs.
Commercial Air Conditioning Design and technologies have improved greatly over the past 15 years, so simply by replacing your Air Conditioning system, you could see yourself using anything from 30 to 50 per cent less energy than running your current inefficient system.

More responsive system

These days modern Air Conditioning systems are energy rated and are engineered to save more power to reduce the impact on the environment. From a financial point of view, the less power your air conditioning system uses, the less it costs you in energy bills.

Modern Air Conditioning systems are not only more energy-efficient, but they also cool down air much quicker too. New Air Conditioning units reach the desired temperature much faster than older style units. This means the working environment will maintain a stable temperature making it more comfortable for your employees, or more stable for your temperature-sensitive products.

If you think that your energy bills are too high, or you feel that your current Air Conditioning system isn’t working as effectively as it should, then having a new air conditioning system installation may be the solution that you are looking for.

Manufacturers Warranty cover

When you have a new Air Conditioning Installation, it will come with a manufacturers warranty. Because of the modern design and technology used in industrial Air Conditioning systems, should your system break down, your manufacturer warranty should cover the costs of the repair.

The manufacturer warranty on your original Air Conditioning system will have expired many years ago, and finding replacement parts for repairs may not be possible in some situations, because the parts needed may well be obsolete and almost impossible to source.

Having a new system with a parts and labour warranty can give you great peace of mind and you will be sure that your air conditioning will continue to work when you need it, with minimal downtime should a fault develop.

R22 refrigerant gas concerns

If you are running an outdated Air Conditioning system then it may be operating using R22 refrigerant gas. R22 is an old-style refrigerant gas that was previously used in industrial Air Conditioners and other commercial air cooling systems.

It is now against the law to sell cooling equipment that contains R22, along with any other outlawed gasses or coolants that have been deemed to damage the environment, including CFCs and HCFCs, which are being phased out globally.

This is why it is important for any businesses still relying on old air conditioning systems to make a switch to a modern Air Conditioning system that has been engineered to run without any harmful gasses or chemical coolants.

Trying to repair or replace parts in an old system using R22 is also now impossible as you are unable to buy R22 gas or spare parts for these older units. Even R22 alternatives are now also being phased out.

What if my old AC system has a gas leak?

Because of these changes, if your old Air Conditioning system still runs on R22 and you suffer from a gas leak, it may not be possible to have the system repaired and you most certainly will be unable to get a gas refill for the system.

Should your old Air Conditioning system fail, you could well have to go a long time without heating or cooling without considering a new installation. This could be catastrophic, especially if you produce or handle temperature-sensitive products or goods, such as food or chemicals.

This would also be very detrimental for your business if you are using your Air Conditioning system to cool your IT server room.

How Spheretech air conditioning can help

Spheretech Air Conditioning are commercial air conditioning experts that specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of Air Conditioning and ventilation systems for businesses across a wide range of industries, including retail, manufacturing, medical, education, IT and telecoms as well as for office and leisure needs.

We are renowned for our ability to deliver a ‘turnkey’ solution for businesses, no matter how challenging the task.

We take great pride in our staff and ensure that our engineers are qualified to the latest standards and regulations. Our work meets with energy efficiency standards and F-Gas regulations, required by your business to meet Government and building regulations.

Feel free to contact our friendly team today to discuss your commercial Air Conditioning needs.

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