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Spheretech Air Conditioning Installation for Businesses


Keeping the air in your business healthy

The most prevalent message from within the HVAC industry in response to Covid-19, is that combining greater levels of fresh air and air movement can help contribute towards a safer working environment and prevent the spread of viruses and airborne pollutants.

We know that for many businesses, increasing ventilation and fresh air in their business to aid protecting their colleagues and customers may not be possible, especially when their indoor workspace has no mechanical or natural ventilation.

Which is why Spheretech are constantly expanding our range of air purification equipment designed to help clean the internal air in your workspace and maintain a healthier working environment for your team, your customers and the general public.

Air purification & HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration systems clean the air by filtering dust particles and pollutants within the airflow, such as bacteria and viruses.

Complimenting your existing air conditioning or, working on their own, air purification systems are also a practical solution, with standalone portable models that can be moved from one room to another, through to fixed concealed units for larger spaces.

Spheretech will work with you to determine the fresh air and air movement requirements for your business premises.  So you can be sure that a Spheretech air conditioning, ventilation or air purification system installation will help to keep your circulated air healthy and helping to reduce any health risks from pollutants such as pollen, exhaust fumes and dust.

A lot of business owners are also worried about the risks that mould can bring to the health of their building, the risks to their staff and their stock. When you cool down hot air it can create moisture, and therefore creating a perfect environment for mould growth.

An up-to-date and efficient air conditioning system can help here too by removing excess moisture through a vent and prevent any mould spores from being breathed in or taking hold in damp corners.

If your business premises already has an existing air conditioning system and has a mould problem, then this means your air-ventilation system has a fault or isn’t working correctly. If this is the case then it is time for a thorough professional inspection and an upgrade to a more efficient system.

There is no doubt that business owners can benefit from having an up-to-date air conditioning system installed in their workplace. This is especially true during the hot summer months where temperatures can reach uncomfortable levels that make working conditions difficult for your staff.

When you are considering having a new air conditioning system installed, or you want to replace an old, outdated or broken down air conditioning system where repairs are impossible and spare parts have become obsolete, then Spheretech are here to help!

We offer professional air conditioning installation services for UK businesses and can help you with a complete audit of your existing system, or plan and install a brand new commercial air conditioning system to meet your exact needs.

Fully compliant with air conditioning regulations

To ensure the health and safety of your building occupants there are air conditioning regulations that need to be met, so this is something that should be left in the safe hands of a professional company, such as Spheretech.

The reason why there are strict regulations over air conditioning installation services is to prevent any risk or danger to the health of yourself or anyone else occupying your property. This is mainly to do with the safety of F-Gas and its use in cooling systems.

F-gases are fluorinated gases used in air conditioning and refrigerated equipment. Some F-gases are classified as being harmful to the environment and can contribute to global warming. There are a lot of older commercial air conditioning systems that are still in operation that contains a now-outlawed refrigerant gas called R22.

It may be the case that if your business premises already has an air conditioning system installed that is over ten years old that it could contain R22 gas and will need to be replaced by a new system using more environmentally-friendly refrigerant gas.

Air conditioning inspection 

Many businesses inherit old air conditioning systems when they move into their premises, so it is always wise to have your existing system fully inspected to make sure your system is fully compliant with current regulations.

Having an inspection will help to clarify the age and type of system you have and give you a set of recommendations to follow to bring your system up to date. Your inspection will ensure that you are complying with current regulations, such as:

  • Using qualified professionals to inspect, repair and maintain any refrigerant or equipment
  • Taking the necessary precautions to avoid and prevent refrigerant leaks
  • Having leaks repaired as soon as they have been identified

It is also important going forward that you maintain a regular testing schedule of your system by registered professionals, such as Spheretech. You are also obliged to keep an updated record of all inspections, checks and details of repairs and maintenance.

Energy Performance Certificate

By choosing Spheretech air conditioning installation services, you will be getting an air conditioning system that comes with an ‘A’ rating for energy performance. This means you can effectively lower your energy consumption to help reduce your business’s impact on the environment.

If you are operating an older air conditioning system that has become unreliable or is too costly to repair and maintain, you have the opportunity to replace your old system with a more up to date A-rated energy efficient one.

Air conditioning health and safety in the workplace

Having a new air conditioning system installation in your workplace will greatly help to improve working conditions for your staff. As you should be aware, there are certain rules in place for office workers where working temperatures need to be comfortable and below a certain temperature for health reasons.

By having an effective air conditioning system installed your internal working temperatures will be maintained at a comfortable level and the humidity level will be perfect for optimum productivity.

Your business premises also needs to have the right level of air-ventilation to ensure you have clean air circulating in your building. This can help to keep the air healthy for all workers and prevent electronic equipment from overheating.

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Spheretech air conditioning installation services are here for you when you need help or advice about your new installation or the inspection and upgrade of your existing system. We specialise in commercial air conditioning services for:

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