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We all know that the topic of climate change is on everyone’s lips at the moment, and you have to admit that the UK has seen some very extreme weather over the past few years that can be attributed to climate change.

What this means for commercial businesses is that they need to focus on their preparedness for extremes of weather. They need to be prepared for both unseasonal heatwaves as well as sub-zero plunging temperatures.

Higher summer temperatures

During the summer, temperatures in the UK are beginning to soar to sweltering levels. Running a business that produces or handles temperature-critical products can be tricky when you cannot predict the weather and find it difficult to maintain an optimal environment for the safe use, production or storage of temperature-sensitive materials.

Whether you operate your business from a modern or ancient commercial building that was not built for your specific purposes, there will always be weak spots to overcome. These can include inadequate insulation or poor ventilation, ill-fitting windows and doors etc.

If you are running an old Air Conditioning system that may be well past its peak, or you inherited your system from a previous occupant, it may not be running as effectively as it should and may struggle to cope with unseasonal hot temperatures, putting an undue strain on the system.

Maintaining temperatures in insulated buildings

These days insulation is high on the agenda with new commercial buildings. Having adequate levels of insulation is great for retaining heat within your building when it’s really cold outside, but insulation does have its downside, especially during a heatwave.

No matter whether you are operating out of a brand new commercial building with the latest environmentally-friendly building insulation, you still need to be able to maintain a comfortable level of warmth for your employees. This means protecting them from both heat and cold extremes.

Having a good air-flow and proper ventilation is also important to help maintain an optimal environment and to keep damp and condensation from building up. Commercial Air Conditioning Systems are an ideal tool for dealing with high temperatures caused by heat waves, cold temperatures caused by freezing weather and also for keeping the moisture levels in the air stable, helping to prevent damp and hazardous mould build-up.

Keeping productivity and profit levels up

In countries such as the UK, many businesses have insufficient Air Conditioning when compared to other countries around the world. It is well known that productivity levels tend to fall in manufacturing businesses when the workplace temperature goes above 22 degrees centigrade.

To better equip your businesses for extremes of temperature, be that a heatwave or a severe cold spell, it makes sense to have an efficient Air Conditioning system installed. It is becoming increasingly popular to install Air Conditioning into places such as libraries, community centres, office complexes and retail shopping centres to enable workers and customers to find relief from extreme weather conditions.

For retail businesses especially, having a comfortable shopping environment provided by an efficient Air Conditioning system encourages customers to stay longer, browse more and ultimately buy more.

Air Conditioning for offices

There is no doubt that commercial Air Conditioning can help large numbers of office workers to get through the 9 to 5 with greater ease. Keeping your office areas at an ambient temperature provides your staff with the most comfortable environment for productive work.

The warmed or cooled air circulated by the system doesn’t carry a large amount of moisture to make the atmosphere very humid and uncomfortable for your staff. When heat waves occur the conditioning system will bring the internal temperature down and allow your staff to work without being overheated or affected negatively by the external hot weather.

During the winter your staff won’t be forced to sit in freezing cold offices or run inefficient heating solutions, such as plug-in electrical heaters to warm them up, which can raise your fire risk levels as well as consume a lot of extra electricity.

The climate connection

Climate change is a driving force behind many business decisions today. Energy efficiency levels and reducing your business carbon footprint go hand in hand, so by replacing your old, inefficient commercial Air Conditioning system for a modern, cost-effective, and more energy-efficient solution makes good economical business sense.

The intention of the introduction of new environmental laws to completely phase out the use of potent greenhouse gases called hydrofluorocarbons, which are used widely in older makes and models of Air Conditioning systems.

If you still run an old Air Conditioning system using R22, a now-banned cooling gas, then you can read our PDF fact sheet that you can download from our website.

Spheretech Milton Keynes

By taking advantage of Spheretech’s many years of knowledge and experience in the commercial Air Conditioning business, you can do your bit for global warming by having your existing system upgraded, or by having a new system installed if you don’t have one.

We deliver turnkey Air Conditioning solutions spanning all commercial sectors, for businesses large or small. Spheretech Air Conditioning, Milton Keynes works with clients from all areas of industry including:

  •         Education
  •         IT and Telecoms
  •         Manufacturing
  •         Medical
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